Review: Jesus Among Secular Gods

I am the youth minister at a local church in North Texas, and twice a year I walk some of our students through a discipleship course. This time I presented them with a number of Bible studies to choose from, and they landed on Jesus Among Secular Gods, a study written by Ravi Zacharias andContinue reading “Review: Jesus Among Secular Gods”

4 Reasons I Don’t Believe Neo-Darwinism

For the purpose of this article I am defining neo-Darwinism as: the theory that life and its complexity arose by natural causes, specifically, natural selection of random mutations. Accidental causes cannot replace insight. It takes insight (knowledge) to produce functional coherence. Functional coherence is when we have a hierarchy of parts working to produce a “whole”Continue reading “4 Reasons I Don’t Believe Neo-Darwinism”

Is Science the Only Way to Know Something?

While talking with non-believers about the beginning of the universe and what caused the universe to begin, they will sometimes say something along the lines of, “Science doesn’t tell us anything about what is beyond the universe and therefore you can’t possibly know anything about it.” I would agree with the first half of thatContinue reading “Is Science the Only Way to Know Something?”