Are We Really Free to Choose?

The intricate relationship between God’s sovereignty and man’s free will is an age-old debate. The question applies specifically to salvation, but to other areas of life as well. Has God predetermined who will and will not be saved? Or does each individual human being make their own choice to believe or not to believe? OnContinue reading “Are We Really Free to Choose?”

What is the Place of Good Works?

I just finished writing a series of lessons from Proverbs that I will teach to our group at youth camp next week. Many of the proverbs were written by Solomon to his sons to encourage wise and upright living in the sight of God and others. Many commentators have acknowledged that the proverbs are aContinue reading “What is the Place of Good Works?”

Did Christ Die in My Place?

In last Thursday’s post we discussed the meaning of atonement and looked at two proposed theories. As Easter quickly approaches, we will continue with the same theme this week. First we will look at another popular theory that, while not completely incorrect, does not do the atonement complete justice. Then, we will survey the theoryContinue reading “Did Christ Die in My Place?”