Apologetics and the Object of Our Faith

In an article on “street epistemology”, Dr. Travis Dickinson, Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, made the case that faith without an object is no faith at all. For example, in marriage, the object of one’s faith is one’s spouse. So with Christianity, the object of our faith is Jesus. Specifically,Continue reading “Apologetics and the Object of Our Faith”

Eschatology: What Have We Learned?

Now that we have looked at several end-time issues, it’s time to wrap up our study of eschatology. Let’s take a second to remember all we’ve discussed and then tie it all together. In Part 1 we introduced the series with an overview of the issues. In Part 2 we focused on the rapture. TheContinue reading “Eschatology: What Have We Learned?”