Noah’s Flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh

After posting about the Mithras Mythology, someone asked me for an article on the Epic of Gilgamesh. Here is one that I read: Tell me what you think!

Old Testament Atrocities

A common objection made by skeptics against Christianity is that God commanded atrocities in the Old Testament. Even if no skeptic ever made this objection to me, I have certainly had pause after reading some verses in the Old Testament. I don’t need a skeptic to point out to me that some of the commandsContinue reading “Old Testament Atrocities”

Why Is God So Angry in the Old Testament?

This was a good article I read by Jeffrey Poor over at Rethink. I keep coming back to questions like this concerning the Old Testament here on my own site and so I found this article helpful:

The Resurrection and the Authority of the Bible

Is the Bible God’s word? How in the world could you possibly know such a thing? It is often touted that even if God exists, you would be a lunatic to think He has spoken to you, or that you know what His will is. Is this so, or can we know that the BibleContinue reading “The Resurrection and the Authority of the Bible”

An Investigation: Who Decided What to Include in the Bible?

Sheri Bell continues her investigative series in this third installment. In this post she investigates how the early church decided what was considered a biblical text and what was not. Source:

An Investigation: Materials Used to Write the Bible

In the second installment of this series, Sheri Bell investigates the different materials that were used to write the Bible. She investigates such things as: Papyrus Parchment Gallnuts Iron Gall Inks Reeds Quills The Dead Sea Scrolls The Masoretic Text Source:

The Center of Old Testament Theology

*Note: The following is a series of excerpts from a paper Travis wrote recently for a doctoral seminar entitled “A Theological Center in the Old Testament: Major Options and Objections.” Arguing for a clear distinction between biblical and dogmatic theologies, Johann Gabler’s 1787 faculty address at the University of Altdorf has been marked by scholarsContinue reading “The Center of Old Testament Theology”

The God Who Answers Skeptics

I am scheduled to preach a sermon at the end of July and I have been studying Exodus chapters three and four in preparation. I love the story of Exodus and often turn there when asked to preach. In chapter three, we see our protagonist, Moses, admit some of his own flaws and express hisContinue reading “The God Who Answers Skeptics”