4 Reasons I Don’t Believe Neo-Darwinism

For the purpose of this article I am defining neo-Darwinism as: the theory that life and its complexity arose by natural causes, specifically, natural selection of random mutations. Accidental causes cannot replace insight. It takes insight (knowledge) to produce functional coherence. Functional coherence is when we have a hierarchy of parts working to produce a “whole”Continue reading “4 Reasons I Don’t Believe Neo-Darwinism”

Do Humans Have a Design Intuition?

I’m currently refreshing myself on the modern design versus evolution debate. In so doing, I keep coming back to what Douglas Axe refers to as a design intuition. More or less, this is a human intuition that sees a functioning whole and assumes it was designed. The question is, is this intuition true or false?Continue reading “Do Humans Have a Design Intuition?”