Why are Jesus’ Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Different?

The differences in the Gospels can be very significant, even appearing to contradict one another in certain places. Jesus’ genealogy is a famous apparent contradiction. In this article, Dr. Mark Strauss tacks the question as to what could explain the obvious differences.

Why are Jesus’ Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Different?

Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife and two dogs. He holds degrees in theology and philosophy.

48 thoughts on “Why are Jesus’ Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Different?

      1. So, it’s quite possible that the character’s genealogy was made up then, yes?

        One thing I’m pretty sure of is that I’m not descended from primates!

        Really? And what do you think you are descended from?


      2. Not what but who. Made in the image and likeness of my Creator God, descended from the first man Adam. Consider the ethical implications of evolution- “dog eat dog”/”survival of the fittest”. Then consider the ethical demand of our Maker to “love your neighbour”. I know which ethos I’d rather my neighbours follow!


      3. The heavens declare the glory of God for a start. Then there’s the fact that we’re having this conversation. Is this some kind of inquisition? I think it’s pretty clear from our conversation that I don’t think we’re some kind of glorified monkeys, although Banksy’s picture of Parliament seems sadly apt!


      4. So, it would be fair to say you consider yourself a Creationist.
        Young Earth or Old Earth?

        Banksy’s picture of Parliament seems sadly apt!

        I don’t understand what this means, sorry?

        Also, based on what evidence do you deny evolution, Robert?


      5. Old earth, seeing as it was there before God’s week of creation. Google Banksy’s picture of Parliament! Evolution is riddled with missing links. I don’t deny that different kinds of animals adapt- like finches on Galapagos, and from wolves to chihuahuas, but a wolf to a chihuahua looks more like devolution than evolution!


      6. Google Banksy’s picture of Parliament!

        MPs as Chimpanzees, yes?

        Evolution is riddled with missing links.

        Really? Would you supply a non-religious scientific link that confirms your assertion. Thanks.


      7. I acknowledge that it’s convenient to believe in evolution because it airbrushes out a Creator to whom we must give an account. But denying the existence of the Judge doesn’t make His judgement of us any less inevitable. There’s no credible link between primates and humans. I acknowledge that we’re so evil that it might seem like there’s no credible link between us and a good God- but that’s where Jesus comes in.


      8. So, all you have offered is theological rhetoric, and no scientific link to support your assertion.
        If you can provide evidence for your god , Yahweh then perhaps we can have a better discussion?

        For now, I hope you realise your reply smacks entirely of indoctrination rather than an informed view based on critical thinking?

        Do you not consider critical thinking the better option?

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      9. God’s Word, Jesus is the supreme evidence. Your replies smack of indoctrination in the moral bankruptcy of evolution. Creation is evidence of a Creator. You don’t deny that the device you’re typing on is created do you? Then why would you deny the creation of your brain, which believe it or not is far more complex than some lump of metal and plastic? I’m afraid denial of your Maker’s existence is folly, and ignorance of the law giver is no excuse when He calls us to account for breaking His law.


      10. You have not demonstrated creation yet, let alone a creator.

        Your replies smack of indoctrination in the moral bankruptcy of evolution

        What on earth has morality got to do with evolution?
        And how is it bankrupt?

        God’s word
        Exactly what is this ”God’s word” and how would you verify it’s authenticity?
        Are you referring to the character Yahweh in the collection of ancients texts known as the bible?

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      11. Good question about morality and evolution. They don’t have anything to do with each other. Evolution is the survival of the fittest/dog eat dog. God’s Word is that we should love others. That is morality.


      12. So now you resort to insults?
        I see nature. Where does this demonstrate evidence of creation?
        Again … the onus is on you to provide evidence and not continually espouse theological diatribe.
        So let’s back it up.
        What evidence do you have for the veracity of the biblical character Yahweh? And specifically that this character is the creator you allude to.

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      13. “The fool says in his heart ‘There is no God'”. Psalm 14:1. If that’s an insult, God insults you. You’ve called me indoctrinated, which I take to be an insult, although if the doctrine we follow is true, then indoctrination isn’t so bad! I’ve already told you- the Bible and Jesus. Read it. Study Him. See how He fulfils hundreds of prophecies. See how He’s impacted history and the lives of countless millions. Look at what faith in Jesus inspires people to do compared to faith in evolution…


      14. I’ve read the bible, thanks.

        Still waiting on an answer re: Your god’s word. Are you referring to the character Yahweh?

        Again, can you please list a dozen of these fulfilled prophecies?


      15. If you want to know about Yahweh, look at Jesus. I want to know why you’re so interested in discussing this if we’re both destined to be worm food. The truth is there’s an eternity to come and Jesus is the only way to avoid a bad eternity and to gain a good one.


      16. Off the top of my head- 1. The Virgin birth- Isaiah. 2. Born in Bethlehem- Micah. 3. Descendant of Abraham- Genesis. 4. Descendant of David- Samuel. 5-7. His suffering, death and resurrection- Isaiah 52-53; Psalm 16, 22. 8. The fact soldiers cast lot for his clothes- Psalms. 9. The “triumphal entrance into Jerusalem”- Zechariah/Zechariah (always get muddled up between them two)- “humble and riding on a donkey”. 10. Preceded by John the Baptist- Isaiah 40. 11. The Good Shepherd- Ezekiel. 12. The inaugurator of a “New Deal” between God and mankind- Jeremiah.


      17. 1.The virgin birth narrative was lifted from Isaiah 7:14 and referred to King Ahaz and had nothing to do with anyone called Yeshua ben Josef.
        I presume you haven’t studied this?
        So that’s a fail on the first go.
        I see no need to work through the rest on this basis.


      18. If you’re writing Js as Ys then that should be Yeshua ben Yosef. If you want another virgin prophecy you can read Genesis 3- the one born of woman who would crush the serpent’s head. Ahaz wasn’t born of a virgin.


      19. I don’t ”want another virgin prophecy”.

        Ahaz wasn’t born of a virgin.

        Is it because you are ignorant of the Isaiah passage and it’s context or did you think I would not know of it?


      20. Jesus was born of a virgin

        There is no evidence to support this claim.
        Furthermore I have demonstrated that the passage in Matt was a misinterpretation by the author of Matt.
        The Isaiah passage had nothing to do with anyone called Yeshua.
        Furthermore, I am surprised for one who is trying to convince an atheist of his bona fides that you do not address why gMark does not feature the birth narrative?And for that matter, Paul shows no knowledge of such an event either.
        It might be worth considering that this is a later tradition, myth, and not an historical event at all.


      21. Furthermore, the Isaiah text makes no reference to a virgin becoming pregnant other than by normal means.
        Also some modern translations of the Bible, which are based on the original Hebrew text, and not the Greek Septuagint, replace the word “virgin” with the more accurate translation, “young woman”.


  1. Because Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, it’s her line that matters more than Joseph. Interestingly it’s Matthew that mentions her in his genealogy rather than Luke. Although I’m not an expert on Jewish genealogies, that seems to suggest to me that Matthew’s genealogy is Mary’s family tree, and Luke’s is Joseph’s…


  2. It’s like the story of everyone genealogy! Every family member sees it different! There’s a story about three blind men . They all were asked to touch the same animal, but each described it differently! And for those that don’t believe in the risen Savior Jesus Christ! They will dismiss it altogether. They think their mind comes from an animal ,therefore they can’t reason this out anyway ! We with the God given mind to reason things for our selves, can understand the words and truth of God! For we know we are all created in the image of God! God also don’t become deluded by genealogy and become like the world!


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